Multiplayer community MAP maker

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Multiplayer community MAP maker

Postby Destraex » Fri 28 Sep 2018 01:23

Will we be getting a community map maker this time around. Or at least a random map maker?
The maps in SD44 were eventually tired and when people know the maps inside out they tend to sit in lobby's only offering that map.
The random map feature was a blessing in that regard but from a replayability and tournament perspective randomly created maps would be very good I think.

Also will terrain apart from buildings be destructable this time around? Is it realistic to have trees cleared by artillery creating gaps for AT guns?

Destructable Trees
Custom Maps
C also shows elevation in height colours and gradient lines

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Re: Multiplayer community MAP maker

Postby Zaskow » Sun 7 Oct 2018 12:04

In my opinion random maps become balanced very rarely. It's true only for TBS games probably. But map maker is good idea.

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