Dev Diaries List

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Dev Diaries List

Postby PapaYankee » Fri 4 Jan 2019 12:30

Hello everyone,

Here is a listing of Steel Division 2's published Dev Diaries:

Army General - Turn-Based Strategy Campaign Mode

Tactical Combat - Real-Time Skirmishes
  • #1 - Tactics Evolved, an introduction to Steel Division 2's tactical Combat
  • #2 - The new Conquest mode - To be published soon

Deck building & Armory

This list will be updated every week, so stay tuned!

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Re: Dev Diaries List

Postby Ragga » Thu 10 Jan 2019 18:06

I think you need to add #4 to this list???

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Re: Dev Diaries List

Postby RickyParrish » Mon 21 Jan 2019 08:20

I think yes, it is there. Well, I am new here and I also like to play strategy video games. Other than these what other series are you guys playing? Just want to know for the curiosity.

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