Matchmaking for consistent online play

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Matchmaking for consistent online play

Postby a131a » Sun 6 Jan 2019 21:25


I am an big fan of your games, since Wargame: European Escalation I bought and played all of them. What I think would be a great improvement for the series is making fair online matches easily amd quickly accessible.

As I played the previous titles my main issue was the after a few months after the release it becomes harder and harder to look for a correct match. It just takes to much time.

What I think would be great to have big play online button, were you set your team and your deck and it looks for an oppents for you with agreat matchmaking system behind it. Something like in company of heros 2.

Now the players split between the lot of possible custom game settings available. It would be great to find a fine balanced one and focus players into that, so the active player community wont shrink into levels were it takes too much time to find a correct match.

Thanks, for reading my ideas and keep developing these great games. :)

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Re: Matchmaking for consistent online play

Postby Ragga » Mon 7 Jan 2019 19:04


We have all stated this... over and over... and with each new addition, but they have fallen short!

SD44 was sooooooooooooooooo close to having a MM stystem as its main button (was on ALPHA/BETA pictures) but when it was release there came those bloody Lobbies / Ranked / MM options.

PUBG and many other Huge Multiplayer games just have the standard MM system... you can load up the game and be playing someone of simliar skill in minutes.

RUSE was the only one that almost came close... and from then on, it has fallen on deaf ears.

Let's cross our fingers that now that Eugene is not only making but producing this game, they listen to the base.

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