Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

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Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby PapaYankee » Fri 15 Feb 2019 18:48


Hello all! Welcome back to a brand-new dev diary for Steel Division 2. We like to keep on bringing you the good stuff, so in today’s rather big entry we’ll be delving deep into the new Deck Builder.

The Deck Builder is still being worked on, so disregard any typos, glitches or strange language. This will all be fixed at launch.

Read the full article on this page.

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby Mike » Sat 16 Feb 2019 00:04

Enjoyed the video and diary!
Courtesy of KattiValk

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby capt.zappbrannigain » Sat 16 Feb 2019 07:41

What about platoon groupings or some kinda battle group formation function. It was great when you could stack up to 4 units into a single formation. It would be even better is there was some kinda battle group formation function for mixes of units that would keep cohesion as well as dispersion especially during hunt(attack move).

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby steppewolf » Sun 17 Feb 2019 14:20

I spent hours in Wargame RD decks making all kind of combos and specialized decks for various situations, less in SD which is more straight forward but adds phases which was a very interesting feature.

So I like there's even more customization both with transports and phases. As it looks, it will allow the player to tailor its battlegroup to suit her/his style of play.

I foresee endless debates about decks which was much of the salt and pepper of the community :lol:

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby Drang » Mon 18 Feb 2019 13:34

Looks like you've managed to combine the best customisation aspects of WG and SD together. Bravo.

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby KillaJules » Wed 20 Feb 2019 03:46

I love what I see so far.

One thing that SD44 did really well was that you could look at a unit card and at a glance see how much armour it has and how much AP power it has. It made seeing the relative power of different vehicles quick and easy. That feature seems to be gone, I wonder why.

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Re: Dev Diary #10 - The New Deck Builder

Postby mvp7 » Sun 24 Feb 2019 21:06

I really hope the deck building limits haven't been relaxed too much from SD44. Units being limited to specific phases with the changing income was a genius move that solved the old Wargame issue of balancing low tier units that could only really be used to any effect by spamming. The SD44 made those seemingly outdated units (light tanks, small AT-guns, old tanks etc) valuable without making them spammable by offering them in early phases at relatively high cost where they would not usually face the far more powerful units that would make them worthless in small numbers.

In the video it looks like some units are not available in all phases and I hope tanks like IS-2 and Tiger II are not available in phase A as that would (together with the different income plans) pretty much remove all the flavor of different phases and heavily diminish the value and usability of light units or make them spammable.

Other than that this game looks very promising. It seems like the scale of the game will change much like it did between Wargame EE and ALB, the latter working much better with the overall design of the series. It's also good to see the "Back to War" being announced as I was worried that none of the SD44 content would make it to SD2. I hope even more unique Western front divisions and maps with West European assets will make it to the game in the long run.

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