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About Modding

Postby Gronank » Sun 31 Mar 2019 17:36

For SD44, Eugen introduced a very handy interface for modding and added easy sharing through the steam workshop. This was fantastic, but for SD2, I not only would like to see a return of the old modding system, I also would like to see it expanded.

I fired up Enohka's old wargame modding suite and went rummaging through the SD2 data files looking for treasure. I happened upon the file named MapData.dat. This file contains all sorts of interesting things, but the one thing that caught my interest was the subfiles with the ending .scenario. With only minor editing of the modding suite I was able to look into these.

These files contain the spawn points and control points. I've been looking for the same things in wargame but there only the spawn points were "real", the zones in the corresponding files in wargame were only graphical. I'd say that there a fair chance that this time around (given that point objects were "real"), it'll will be possible to edit strategic points in addition to spawn points. Of course, I will only know for certain once the beta is back on.

Now for the sad part, and my request to Eugen: As it stands, this is only available through old school wargame style modding, not the new Steel Division Steam Workshop style. This new style is considerably easier to work with, easier to share and also better regarding software integrity (no worries two players playing different versions playing together).

Presuming modding makes a comeback in SD2 (which I haven't actually seen any confirmation on yet, but assume will be there), I'd strongly encourage Eugen to make the contents of MapData available for modding, particularly the .scenario files.
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The position numbers lack context for ther meaning but never mind that, as long as they're officially moddable we'll be happy.

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Re: About Modding

Postby Destraex » Sun 31 Mar 2019 23:49

By the time I modded something the game was updated and I decided with the announcement of SD2 not to bother going to the trouble all over again. Without scripts it's far too labour intensive.

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