On Soviet Artillery

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On Soviet Artillery

Postby matrin » Thu 4 Apr 2019 06:28

So maybe i'm alone here, but I am super confused as to why the F-22 M1936 field gun seems to be the primary artillery gun for Soviet forces thus far? The F-22 stopped being the primary field gun of Soviet divisions when most of them were overrun in 1941 and 1942. Some stayed in service throughout the war, but not in mass use and I highly doubt that Guard divisions would be using such outdated equipment. As far as i'm aware, the Zis-3 should be much more available in Soviet divisions than it is, as it was the primary field gun of the army since late 1942.

On another point of contention is the total lack of on map M-30 122mm howitzers for the Soviets. This was the primary heavier divisional artillery gun proper and was fielded in large numbers and used in a more forward role than most western artillery practices. Yet in the Guards infantry it is wholly absent except as an offmap, which boggles the mind seeing as the German Sturm division not only gets its 105mm howitzers on map, but also its 150mm howitzers on map. The M-30 should be providing the backbone of artillery support for Soviet infantry divisions and probably the tank corps as well.

152mm guns like the ML-20 and D-1 should also probably be prevalent in infantry divisions or just in general since it seems to be just as prevalent in the German divisions thus far. Now I know that Soviet and German artillery doctrine differ significantly from one another, but SD 2 doesn't seem to be trying to evoke any kind of asymmetrical balance in regards to artillery. The best way to do would be to just provide equivalents units where it would make sense. The 5th Panzer Division has a wealth of all kinds of artillery, the 2nd guards corps should probably be getting at least the basics of 122mm on map guns covered, be they the M-30 or Su-122. But that is a whole other discussion.

The main point is that the Zis-3 should be far more available for the artillery and field gun role than it is and the F-22 should have a far more secondary role. Maybe make an AT and Field gun version of the Zis-3 with different stats to reflect different uses, I.E. more HE shells less AP for artillery version and worse direct fire accuracy and the opposite for the field gun/AT gun version. Also that the M-30 should be a very available on map howitzer for most Soviet divisions/corps.

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Re: On Soviet Artillery

Postby Destraex » Sat 6 Apr 2019 14:56

We have not seen 90% of the divisions in game yet.

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