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Postby casetero » Fri 5 Apr 2019 12:16

Hello all,

First of all, this game is fucking awesome!! Great job guys.

I have a big interface issue, and i think it could be easily adressed. Please add the possibility of seeing the info/stats of a unit INSIDE a vehicle/transport.

In this second phase of the beta, you have added a small icon to the vehicle icon. You know now which kind of troop is inside the vehicle, if it is a recon, infantry or support.

Could you add the option that by clicking in that small icon added to the vehicle icon (binoculars for recon for example) you could see the info/stats of the unit inside the vehicle?? Now, you can see the info/stats of the vehicle by clicking it (and pressing "i" if i remember correctly), the solution to the problem could be that by clicking the unit icon added to the vechicle icon (binoculars for recon for example) you could see the info/stats of that unit too.

This would be great, i find myself having troubles at the start of the battle because i cant remember which unit i have inside the different vehicles i have in the battle.

Thank you Eugen!!

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