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"Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Mon 22 Apr 2019 13:16
by praslovan

TL;DR - AA guns are powerful enough but they need to be less micro intensive for at least target acquisition considering how many planes can be called in. Ordering in bombers is low effort thing and shouldn't cause an extreme micro to fend them off.

You know how AT guns have "efficient shot" right?

Well, AA guns should have "prioritize bombers" option.

Why is that? Phase C introduces spam. We have options to counter ground spam which is primarily artillery, however, anything else works as well... tanks, AT guns... and planes. IMO this spamming (which is extremely obvious on 2v2s where maps aren't really big enough) is not good but it can be manageable.

Now when it comes to plane spam on the other hand there are two things that are problematic:
a) C phase has too big of availability of them. IMO phase C should have phase B availability.
b) AA guns that are somewhat effective against planes are expensive (that is not that much of a problem since you get leftover money quite quickly) but more importantly not numerous enough considering current availability of their pray.
c) Planes that get shot to bits but not shot down rearm too quickly. I have a hard time seeing how a plane with damaged wing will be able to join the battle again after some hours in the hangar.

Germans have that nice quad AA truck, Soviets have that nice lend lease US AA truck. Both are capable of stunning things quite well. The thing is that survivability of those two are... you need to micro them to survive either bombing runs or more often artillery strikes. Which is hard considering there is too much to do already and AA is not focus of any player... you buy them, you place them, and time to time you move them forward or backwards depending on how the front-line goes.

The biggest kicker however is the fact that they don't matter. Air superiority wins over any ground unit combination that you can come up with. Now both AA vehicles can cope with bombers with Soviets having upper hand on this because Stukas are slow as hell.

Problem is that your AA guns don't get to shoot at the bombers unless you again micro them. Cheap fighters will come in first so that your AA will focus on them, then you will get whacked by bombers coming behind them. Yes you can micro your AA guns... but not really because things move too fast and your screen is literally swamped by everything that is on and above the ground.
Even if you micro them, you can get first 2 bombers, but you won't get the rest in the train.
On the other side, opponent simply just points and clicks then he can forget about that strike and can do more important things while you battle with insects... one of the things is looking for AA fire and calling in artillery strikes on those positions. Or pushing with ground units while you are preoccupied with microing AA.

Solution is easy. Enable AA guns to have a button and corresponding function to "prioritize bombers". I think that individual crews should be able to do that themselves if ordered and they would have training to do that... after all it is easier to aim at bigger things.

We could also go into the fact that planes have unlimited resources... which shouldn't be a thing. IMO if you want to keep the availability as it is, then "airfield" should have its own supply counter that can get depleted depending on what kind of units you can field.

I am slightly annoyed by the fact that there are a lot of deeper mechanics introduced in SD2... but they don't follow them through.

Like APCR... ok you have high pen low ammo round... you better micro it or it will be shot at the bloody truck. If stuff like this is introduced then it should go one step further and allow you to fine tune the parameters so that APCR is only shot at IS2s or Tigers etc.
That list should be done upfront in a menu not by insane micro in the battle.

Re: "Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Mon 22 Apr 2019 16:45
by Destraex
I just want to understand which Artillery units observers can communicate with in game.

Re: "Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Tue 23 Apr 2019 18:06
by fiese_moep
My Bombers dont come back if there are any AA guns. They are too weak in my opinion.

This makes em even worse

Re: "Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Tue 23 Apr 2019 20:55
by praslovan
fiese_moep wrote:My Bombers dont come back if there are any AA guns. They are too weak in my opinion.

This makes em even worse

Send them one by one and they will get slaughtered, sure.

Send them in a train and they will do damage.

Re: "Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Tue 23 Apr 2019 21:16
by shuai-jan
Covers my experience, availability of mid-of the line planes is a bit too high and AA is easily spoofed.
Combining this with the already very micro intensive nature of the game it becomes a problem.
Good suggestions for a fix.

Re: "Prioritize bombers" for AA guns

Posted: Wed 24 Apr 2019 09:54
by praslovan
It is either that or decreasing availability of bombers and overall planes.