Missing Info - Artillery Radios

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Missing Info - Artillery Radios

Postby KillaJules » Mon 3 Jun 2019 12:29

I haven't tested this very much but apparently, not all artillery units can benefit from the corrected shot bonus provided by arty spotters. I'm under the impression that the SU-76s do have radios and so arty spotters do improve their accuracy but mortars don't. Why can't we see what units get corrected shot? This seems like a pretty major oversight. We should not need to resort to trial and error to find out how units work. All that is needed is a new unit card icon for artillery units that can get corrected shot from arty spotters to distinguish them from artillery that don't get the bonus. We already have these icons for traits such as leader, tank buster, flamer, indirect fire etc. so it should be easy to make another one.

A secondary but related problem is that the commander infantry in the artillery tab can apparently serve as arty spotters as well as providing the command bonus but there is no information in the UI indicating this. This needs to be made much clearer.

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Re: Missing Info - Artillery Radios

Postby Sedghammer » Fri 7 Jun 2019 10:42

Agreed, I just posted about this as well.

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