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Please add historical descriptions for all of these vehicles and squads. (military history visualised)

Posted: Tue 4 Jun 2019 01:15
by Destraex
After watching military history visualised's video onj pronounciation, can I suggest historical descriptions for all of these vehicles for steel division 2? I would be happy to do so as well. The developers think that the time and resources to do this would be too much. But I think it would add a lot to the game. They have good descriptions for each division. Not sure if they have commander descriptions and histories like they did in steel division 1 anymore. But my point is. I think they are missing a golden opportunity to teach all their military history fan players about the units.

They say that the A, B ,C division types are for flavour and historical accuracy I think. But they are missing a great opportunity to add some personality to each unit to help people remember what each unit is for and what it does according to it's history.

P.S. I thought I asked about this before but a Q search does not find the post. So I apologise if it is here somewhere.