Autofill, BG management, etc

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Autofill, BG management, etc

Postby varis » Wed 5 Jun 2019 03:03

Let's talk a bit about the meta features of battlegroups - how to best edit them and keep them tidy.

First off, the Autofill feature feels nice - both for convenient experiments and for new players. For a real BG, I would think I would prefer to start from a scratch (Autofill could still be useful to estimate my deployment points, ie. make the process slightly faster) or by editing an existing BG.

How is Autofill different from the pre-made BGs? Is there any randomization? (Edit: I don't see any.) Again, it feels like autogenerated BGs could be a nice help to new players. However, if there is no randomization, the more experienced players (and tryhards) will build to counter the default BG structure from Eugen. Yeah, maybe I'm getting ahead of things when we're still in beta :? If randomization is introduced, maybe make the seed to be given by the player, so there is some control and (this is quite minor) you can eg. write the seed down so you get the same Autofill results the next time around.

Another thing - which we would have needed in Red Dragon, and which is even more important now with Autofill and the new tuning options to your BG. People are going to end up with dozens of battlegroups. Maybe one hundred for active / tournament level players. Has the pull down menu even been tested when you have 100+ BG? Could there be folders for your BGs or maybe an option to display only some BGs in your menu (eg. mechnized, armored, rating A...).

An alternative take to this is that since there is relatively easy export/import, why don't you just put the strings to notepad or something. But what if you take a year's break from the game, come back and can't find your BGs... you'll be pulling some hair.

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Re: Autofill, BG management, etc

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Wed 5 Jun 2019 09:26

There already are (or will be, depending of the version you have) filters in the battlegroups library to arrange them as you wish.

varis wrote:How is Autofill different from the pre-made BGs?

I don't get the distinction you're making between "autofill" & '"pre-made BGs". There isn't: auofill fills your deck with a pre-made BG.
And no, there is no randomization, only one, as balanced as possible all the while highlighting said BG's special features.

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