Deck Builder Suggestions

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Deck Builder Suggestions

Postby Sedghammer » Thu 6 Jun 2019 21:07

Hi Eugen Systems,

1. Would it be possible to have the total CP cost of units in the deck for each phase listed in the battlegroup screen? It lists the number of units you have in each section i.e Anti-tank Units: 9, but does not list the total CP's you've selected in each phase. This would really help us optimize our decks without a calculator. This would also assist players in choosing what deployment type would best fit their deck without the aid of a calculator.

2. Could you please include whether or not a unit has a radio on the unit card? Unless I'm missing something, it's impossible to know which unit might benefit from a radioman without viewing it in-game.

Really have been enjoying all the new divisions and content.


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Re: Deck Builder Suggestions

Postby KillaJules » Fri 7 Jun 2019 12:46

Great ideas, Eugen please do this.

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