Army General: Air AI suicidal

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Army General: Air AI suicidal

Postby Buck Turgidson » Thu 20 Jun 2019 22:52

Not sure how to put this, but it sure looks like AI is a little bit crazy with its aircraft usage.
Just had a "small" battle (cavalry regiment against an entrenched mechanized brigade), and I brought my fighter wing with me. Hilarity ensued. The result was:

Enemy losses:
24x Yak-9
18x Pe-3bis
4x Pe-2-83

Friendly losses:
5x Fw-190A

This was literal madness. Not sure how many planes actually remain of the Red air wing after this. They just kept coming plane after plane, to bomb a few silly infantry squads. At times they spawned singular fighters that flew all the way to my side of the map (there was nothing there to even go after!), only to get shot down by a swarm of my own fighters. The AI certainly didn't care about enemy fighters loitering around, spawning bombers suicidally one after another.

Crazy behavior, of course makes me happy to basically wipe out the red air force in one battle, but rather one sided and silly. Shouldn't be this way for sure...

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