Bug reports - Army General

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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Postby DVILLARS » Sat 9 May 2020 12:37

In Berezina campaign with the map krupki we have no replay !

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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Postby integ3r » Wed 1 Jul 2020 23:54

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Zoom in or out using scroll wheel
  2. Immediately afterwards, use middle mouse button to attempt to look down. (For example, you're trying to zoom into a town and look down to get a birds eye perspective.)
Result: Camera is pushed back up.

If the process is done slowly. I.e.: I zoom in, then wait, then adjust the camera, the angle will hold as expected.
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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Postby chickenmuncher123 » Thu 2 Jul 2020 22:21


I have sent 3 different posts on this forum and two havent been allowed and the third they think I am a BOT.

PLEASE just let me put my post out so i can get help to fix my campaign save!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Postby jsimbo1 » Sun 5 Jul 2020 00:14

I dont know if this is a bug, it feels like it should be. i worry it is 'deliberate'.

I am a long time wargame series player. i just got around to trying army general mode. oh my god it is what i have always wanted!

- was my first thought.

The actual consequences of battles, no more 'losing 99% of men is fine as long as you win'. no more always even battles, a real variety of battles with different, limited unit compositions. real strategy, having to preserve important units etc. all excellent stuff and way better than the wargame solo campaigns which were always a stupid zerg rush by the AI.

Then, i played a few battles and started to notice the maps rotating back, despite being in a totally different area. then again..... then again.

I am 15 hours into my first Orsha campaign, and i am fighting on the 'swamp forest' map for perhaps the tenth time. worse than that, i am fighting on the southern border of that map, mostly over the same two bridges, for the tenth time.

it doesn't matter where on the front line the battle happens, the map is usually the same. its the damn swamp forest again.

I cant play anymore this otherwise wonderful campaign mode, i cannot face defending that bridge again. there are like 30 maps in the skirmish rotation. why is every single battle in general mode on this one ****ing map that i now hate so much.

All the strategic grandeur of this mode, all the variation, all the hisotrical relevance and grand strategy utterly brought to its knees by having to relive this one fight over this one bridge like its some sort of nightmare groundhog day.

Please, please tell me this is a bug and its supposed to load more than one map for forest battles.

please. i cant do it again. *sobs quietly*

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Re: Bug reports - Army General

Postby Red Chieftain » Thu 1 Oct 2020 09:36

Hello, developers

Came across a woefully annoying bug lately - a unit doesn't get unstuck after the artillery (probably aircraft too) bombardment.

It happens occasionally, rarely I'd say - but yesterday, in total, I accumulated 2x12 points tank battalions + 5 point inf battalion (+1 enemy art battalion) locked in the Orsha campaign by 11 turn. This is enough to influence the outcome of the campaign and also to drive me nuts

Map: Orsha - for sure. Noticed it on other maps, too, but it was like one inf or art battalion locked on each side per campaign, so it wasn't that much of an issue.
Side: Doesn't matter - both, reds and blues
Multiplayer: yes

Steps to reproduce:
1. Attack any battalion with artillery bombardment

Expected result: The unit gets locked for a turn and then unlocks.
Actual result: in about 10% of cases, the unit gets locked for the rest of the campaign - reloads don't help.

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