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Re: Crucial Feedback (gamebreaking stuff)

Posted: Sat 22 Jun 2019 10:17
by purplehayz
I don't know if the devs will see this but I had a gamebreaking bug in Army General, after succesfuly winning a tactical battle in Orsha Campaign, the icons of the division I just attacked it and one of the divisions I attacked with started blinking, as if the game could not decide if it was out of supply or not, I could not do anything, move units or end my turn, and since it has no autosave feature I lost all my progress (this mode can be pretty long as one turn can be a lot of battles of 40 minutes or more) I hate to see this bug happen again since it will stop me from playing the game, its just too much time that I wish I had but I don't.

Please fix it guys

Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Sat 22 Jun 2019 14:41
by varis
Creating a thread for reporting bugs in Army General so they can be found and tracked more easily by the dev team.

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Sat 22 Jun 2019 18:20
by Buck Turgidson
Copy-pasting/linking the two bug reports I know of:

jxai wrote:In Army General mode while attacking in breakthrough against an enemy artillery unit, the front line did not move despite enemy troops not being present near the front. My units would move into the blue and then it would clear but envelop them instead of pushing forward as expected. In order to win the battle I had to string together troops in a checkerboard pattern across the map and eventually was able to capture the points.

Link to thread



in Army General, the Germans have a cavalry unit (at least Kosaken-Abt. 70) with Kosaken as its main line infantry - but Kosaken is actually a recon unit! This was quite painful to discover, as moving the frontline becomes nearly impossible with them (you basically have to rely on your leaders and other secondary units to claim the ground for you).


Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Sat 22 Jun 2019 23:12
by purplehayz
Same bug happened again in my 2nd try of Orsha, Regiments get stuck and cant advance at all this time I added a screenshot so you guys can see. It seems they can't decide if its in the forest or out of supply
Honestly cant play this game until you fix it, guess ill be playing mordhau until then

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Sun 23 Jun 2019 21:14
by Raph_VR
A little bug and a question :

Bug : When I want to see a replay of an army general tactical battle the battlefield is empty. There is no units and the front line stay at the middle of the map.

Question : is it possible to merge diminished battalions ? When they have less 50 réquisition points their battle value is insignifiant. So if we can merge two battalions it Will be possible to create a new task force.

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Mon 24 Jun 2019 00:51
by purplehayz
varis wrote:Creating a thread for reporting bugs in Army General so they can be found and tracked more easily by the dev team.

btw, thanks for that my man, still hoping for some response from the dev team

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Tue 25 Jun 2019 22:20
by Guggy
Had an issue last night that cost me a battle that I'm pretty darn sure I would have won. ... 547002D1D/

As you can see here, I have 8 minutes remaining to tie this up. Doable. ... E9576A0FC/

Six seconds later, I have 4 minutes remaining.

Notice that control point ownership at no point changed during this very brief period. Losing 4 minutes to get a draw kinda screwed me, despite getting a good 6:1 kill ratio up until that point. The result was a minor defeat.

(This fight also had a lot of weird "Behind the lines" blobbing as if the enemy had a presence behind my troops that they certainly didn't have, as I had thoroughly swept it previously just to have the blue blobs reform a few moments after)

EDIT: Apparently this always happens in Phase C of Army General battles at the 15 minutes remaining mark. The time remaining to victory/defeat halves. I cant find any suggestion in the manual that this is intended behavior though, so I assume it is a bug since it really doesn't seem to enhance gameplay and just incorrectly displays the expected time remaining beforehand.

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 14:43
by Raph_VR
It seems that if we save in tactical battle (with F5) and reload the battle after closing the game, any loses will be keeped.
For example I lost 5 stug while the battle but in strategic map, this stug kompanie is at 100 %.

I think when the game load a tactical battle it miss something to rely it with the strategic situation.

+> en français parce que je ne suis pas certain d'avoir été clair :

Si on sauvegarde une partie avec F5 en cours de bataille (pendant le tour de l'IA, je ne sais pas si c'est important) les pertes subies ne sont pas intégrées dans la partie stratégique. je pense que ça apprait lorsqu'on ferme le jeu puis qu'on relance la bataille un peu plus tard.
Pour ma part, le bataille de Stug qui était venu en renfort et qui a subit de nombreuses pertes lors du combat reste à 100 % une fois le tour terminé.

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 15:53
by Lagus
I have a bug in my Orsha campaign playing as the germans. During the soviet turn I defended once with an entrenched infantry unit and won and now during the same turn the soviets are attacking the same unit again but with different units. However, when I try to engage in tactical, autoresolve or semi autoresolve I get a message saying ''All attackers were intercepted'' and the game returns to the battle preparation screen. I tried to use different units or no additional units but still the same message keeps popping up and there is no way to progress in the campaign. ... 1781635588 ... 1781635460

Re: Bug reports - Army General

Posted: Wed 26 Jun 2019 22:27
by Spartan117

I keep running into the same problem and it's always in this battle location. The game always crashes and it doesn't matter if I commit 1, 2, or 3 units into the battle. As a result I cannot advance the campaign on Orsha, the very first campaign. I've submitted an error report with the link to this thread so you can see what may be relevant in the error report with the screen. Help this helps.