Steel Division 2 - Hotfix #07

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Steel Division 2 - Hotfix #07

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Thu 27 Jun 2019 18:16

Hello everyone,

A new Hotfix is now available for Steel Division 2:

  • Improved Army General’s stability
  • Fixing the Skirmish deployment menu’s shortcut
  • Fixing an unpassable bridge on Smolyany Skirmish map
  • Fixing a flag’s position on the Naratch Lake map
  • Fixing a bug occurring when using lobby filters "Regroup similar Eugen Servers"
  • Fixing a bug which prevented lobby filters from being memorized
  • Fixing Army General Campaigns' achievements
  • Fixing company names in Simplified Chinese language
  • Fixing French language localization
  • Fixing a freeze occurring when firing a projectile
  • Fixing a rare crash occurring with short-range weapons.
  • German Me 109 G-6 now uses all his guns when firing.
  • Soviet Strelki (DP) now have 9x gameplay rifles, as displayed on the models.
[h1]New feature[/h1]
  • New Soviet Unit: SU-76M PT, dedicated tank destroyer SU-76M:
    • Direct fire only
    • APCR rounds
    • Retains its radio
    • Available in the Anti-Tank tabs
  • Sandardized all 2-man Panzerschreck team’s price at 30
  • Sandardized all 2-man Panzerschreck team’s stealth as Exceptional
  • Set all T-34/76 & T-34/85’s MG ammunition at 1880 rounds
  • Set all T-34/76 m1941’s shell loadout at 33 AP & 44 HE
  • Set all T-34/76 m1942’s shell loadout at 33 AP & 44 HE
  • Set all T-34/76 m1943’s shell loadout at 45 AP & 50 HE
  • Set all T-34/85 m1943’s shell loadout at 25 AP & 30 HE
  • Set all T-34/85 m1944’s shell loadout at 21 AP & 30 HE, APCR unchanged
  • Removing AP bullet type to 12.7mm cannons.
  • Decreasing mission time of all single engine fighter.
  • Increasing mission time of all dual engine heavy fighter and ground attack.
  • all Flak 38 20mm’s availability pattern changed from 4/8/12 to /6/9/12.
  • all German StuG III G's phase B veterancy levels standardized (some divisions had retained the previous StuG III balance's state)
  • German Fw 190 A-8 variants increased 20mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • German Schuma’s price decreased from 15 to 10.
  • Hungarian 37M “Göring” 105mm’s price decreased from 105 to 80, on par with its German counterpart.
  • (SkiJ) number of SdKfz. 250/1 set at 9 (from … none)
  • (116Pz) one 3-pt INF slot removed
  • (116Pz) one 2-pt RECON slot removed
  • (116Pz) offensive rating changed from B to A, as it already was regarding to its defences.
  • (Lehr) one 1-pt & one 3-pt TANK slot increased respectively to 2 & 4
  • (Lehr) one 1-pt ART slot increased to 2, one 3-pt slot removed
  • (Lehr) 2-pt SUPP slot decreased to 1
  • (Lehr) one 1-pt RECON slot added
  • (Lovas) one card of 4/8/- Panzerschreck added
  • Soviet Il-2 variants increased 23mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • Soviet “vanilla” SU-76M returned to its original configuration (smoke but no APCR)
  • Soviet SU-85’s price decreased from 80 to 75.
  • Soviet OB-25 76,2mm infantry gun’s price increased from 35 to 40.
  • American P-47D increase 12.7mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • American P-47D’s price increased from 130 to 135.
  • American P-47D-25’s price increased from 135 to 140.
  • American P-51D-5 increase 12.7mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • American P-51D-5’s price increased from 140 to 145.
  • British Tempest Mk V variants increase 20mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • British Typhoon Mk Ib variants increase 20mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • Canadian Mosquito FB. VI (Heavy fighter) price increase.
  • Canadian Mosquito FB. VI variants increase 20mm cannons ammo consumption.
  • (Bezuglogo) SU-76M’s availability per card changed from 5/10/15 to 3/6/9 as with other Soviet divisions
  • (Bezuglogo) number of SU-76M cards decreased from 3 to 2
  • (Bezuglogo) two cards of 4/8/12 AT variant SU-76M PT added
  • (Bezuglogo) one 3pts artillery slot removed, one 2pts AT slot added
  • (44GRD) number of SU-76M cards decreased from 2 to 1
  • (44GRD) one cards of 4/8/- AT variant SU-76M PT added
  • (29TC) number of BM-13 Katyusha cards decreased from 2 to 1
  • (3US) number of AIR slots decreased from 8 to 4
  • (3US) number of ART slots decreased from 8 to 5
  • (3US) one 3-pt INF slot decreased to 2
  • (3US) one 3-pt & one 4-pt slots SUP slots decreased to 2 & 3 respectively
  • (3US) one card of Calliope out of two removed
  • (3US) P-47D with AT rockets removed
  • (3US) Piper FAO (155mm) removed
  • (3US) M3 OP (203mm) removed
  • M4(105)’s availability decreased from 3/6/9 to 2/4/8
  • M4A3(105)’s availability decreased from -/6/9 to -/4/8
  • (3Can) Polsten’s availability pattern changed from 4/8/12 to /6/9/12
  • (2eDB) HT M5A1’s price decreased from 30 to 20
  • (2eDB) M3A3 Stuart (all variants)’s HE loadout decreased from 278 to 74
  • (2eDB) one 1-pt ART slot removed
  • (2eDB) one 2-pt & one 4-pt AIR slots removed
  • (2eDB) one card of Piper FAO (105mm) out of two removed
  • (2eDB) one card of M4A2 OP (155mm) out of two removed
  • (2eDB) Obusier M4(105)’s availability decreased from 3/6/9 to 2/4/8
  • (2eDB) Obusier M4A3(105)’s availability decreased from -/6/9 to -/4/8
  • (Scots) two slots of DEFENSE removed (as per its A offensive rating)
  • (Scots) Bunker 6-pdr removed (as per its A offensive rating)
Thank you a lot for your continuous feedback on the game. We're still tracking and destroying the last remaining bugs of the game, and new updates will be available very soon.
Have fun!
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Re: Steel Division 2 - Hotfix #07

Postby Miskyavine » Fri 28 Jun 2019 03:31

(3US) P-47D with AT rockets removed
Wow America finally gets a competent Ground attack plane and it gets removed i guess only Axis should have good ground attack after all they only had 3 planes left at this time 2 of wich were ground attack so i guess it makes sense :roll:

Back to the dodging 88s and and countless imaginary german fighters just to drop off my nerf dart payload just to tickle a german tank while i can lose a bunch of tanks in one pass by a plane with a pak-40 on it cool 1sided balance.

I really got to wonder at what point German units get nerfed. Or just removed like really. it gets really annoying seeing Germany just roll over everything 2 games in a row. And really if anyones saying Germany isnt signifigently more powerfull then the Allies they are just mad that they dont start the game and get an instant victory. Really launch a game it will take 30-45 minutes just like SD-44 to get a German game but you play as Allies instant game noone wants to play allies and making them weaker doesnt really help.
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Re: Steel Division 2 - Hotfix #07

Postby Ben_D » Sat 29 Jun 2019 04:49

I was afraid of a change like this coming. Many people may feel vindicated, but I've always pointed to the German armoured superiority and anti-tank measures as easy counters to whatever they're complaining about. I really don't understand why people were so adamant about nerfing a division that could stand somewhat (emphasis on somewhat) evenly with divisions such as the 5th panzer, the Panzer Lehr and the 21st. My suspicion is that there are a very vocal minority that are unable to play a game only slightly balanced toward the Axis when playing as the faction. In my personal opinion, the game's balance is now more in favour of the Axis (now especially more if using the 3rd Armoured). For lack of a better term, I use "mob mentality" as another facet in this argument. I'm sure there's a better way to describe this, but it seems that many players' perceptions were influenced by the vocal minority, especially the ones who play as the "Axis" more often than the "Allies & Comintern". This led to people "jumping on the bandwagon", creating a cascading effect of forming a consensus that did not necessarily represent the views of the majority of players, but only seemed to. Go ahead and call me biased, but I never held the view of the 3rd U.S. Armoured Division being overpowered myself, among other things.

Of course, Eugen, you could and very well may have come to your own conclusions by using analytical data that the player base does not have access to. Perhaps with the player feedback factored in to a certain degree.

Eugen, I suggest that you roll back at least some of the nerfs applied to the U.S. 3rd Armoured, particularly to its air support tab and the removal of a Calliope. The Axis currently possess MLRS weapons that can wipe out armour quite easily which perform quite similarly to the Calliope (I I'm sure you know what units I'm referring to). The Axis also possess many tank killer aircraft platforms. Removing what the Americans had inhibits the pursuit of balance of the game, rather than enhancing it.

As a disclaimer, I do not have statistical evidence to back up my claims as of this post.

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Hotfix #07

Postby tkddls6222 » Sat 29 Jun 2019 17:07

First, I apologize in advance that it may be difficult to read using a translator.
I just bought Steel Division 2.
American Cardio is still a two card, need to modify with a card.
The price increase of p-47 is desirable for playing the United States, and the increase in ammunition consumption is very appropriate.
I think this is a reconnaissance p-6 because of the aircraft's exhaustion. What is it to make 1/3/5 or 1/2/5 by increasing the available capacity of b and c phases by 1 for this unit? You will not be able to use your plane in the c phase where ground AA is in full swing.
Users who frequent airplanes will have a lot of risk involved in taking a reconnaissance aircraft in phase a, and if they do, users who have difficulty in getting visibility will have less air spam that can make war games look like helicopter spam.
However, the removal of the p-47 with damage 3 at-rocket is the only way to attack the side or rear of the enemy's mid-range vehicle, for example, the means of catching a lot of is heavy vehicles. The damage 3 rocket p-47 can not be brought into a phase with one card, so it would be better to add it. The p-47, with a two-man rocket, is merely retreating the armored tanks to some extent.
I think the reduction of the air slot to 4 cards is excessive.
The Air Taps will consist of two packs of fighters, one pack of reconnaissance units and one pack of rockets p-47. If so, you must choose one of the b-26, the p-51, or the rockets to bomb
If this is what you want, you may want to keep 4 cards.
In my opinion, it would be better to have 5 spaces.
I want Steel Division 2 to be good.
Thank you for reading this comment.

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