Overnerf of 3rd Armored

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Overnerf of 3rd Armored

Postby Miskyavine » Sun 30 Jun 2019 04:05

So the title says it all 3rd armored was overnerfed hard. Right now it has no hard counter to tanks its arty and planes arent even a strength the only good thing about this deck is Jumbos and thats gone if the enemy decides to use the PAK-43

So i agree with the Slot decreases and the removal of offmap but really Calliope nerf and P-47 AT removed wtf . Almost every other deck has a reliable AT plane and the one deck that needs it as it has no decent guns got it removed. Anyone else think this is pure BS?
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Re: Overnerf of 3rd Armored

Postby Ben_D » Sun 30 Jun 2019 09:22

I wouldn't call it pure BS, but I would use terminology that would get the same point across. I agree with what you're basically saying.

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