Aggressive and inappropriate behavior steam moderators

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Aggressive and inappropriate behavior steam moderators

Postby Grumator » Thu 4 Jul 2019 19:51

Dear Eugen Systems.
I am 35 old gamer, not a child and not I teenager. I really not have time to play games, but then I have two or three free hours I like play a good, smart and high quality game. This is a reason I have bought all you games in this series: European Escalation, Air Land Battle , Red Dragon, Steel Division 1 and 2, the only exception ACT OF AGGRESSION.

So to the point, after all this years it is a single time when i write a post in STEAM FORUM with message
“Steel Division 2 is a step big backwards in comparison to the RED DRAGON and I suggest to new players bought the Red Dragon to feel the raely complex of game design and lot of maps” + I has wrote messages in another player post about problem load compain after last patches.
One post and one massage in all years … 5 minuts after I got massage in steam

You have been permanently banned from the Steel Division 2 Hub.
You were banned by a Steel Division 2 developer.
Reason: "troll"

One post and one massage in all years… Troll??!!

Dear Eugen Forum Administrator I am really dissapoiment about aggressive and inappropriate behavior of you moderators on steam platform. As abult man it feels what you just “SHEET” on your users, i feel you like KGB style then the only opinion is a good opinion
another shoot or ban. I did not expect this behavior from such a respected company

Sorry , I realy angry right now. I just wana hear some explonation about such behavior.

Sorry for bad English is really hard to me wrote on this languish.

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Re: Aggressive and inappropriate behavior steam moderators

Postby steppewolf » Mon 8 Jul 2019 12:44

I am also a Act of War (still have the CDs :D ) , Wargame and Steel Division player for many years, I only skipped R.U.S.E. and Act of Aggression and I also around your age (actually slightly older) also being a casual gamer with limited time.

I find the ban a bit too muchif it is unlimited but one thing is sure for me, you're post, as described by you, it is not a review, it does not offer any information about SD2 and why it is a step backward from W:RD. You just express an emotional negative opinion, without any explanation. This is a sort of trolling, even if it is polite and apparently not inflamatory.

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