Observations after playing 31 hours

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Observations after playing 31 hours

Postby MAUSERmike » Sat 6 Jul 2019 14:23

Just a few things ive noticed in game which i think need changing or looking at:
1. 45mm guns have far too much penetration, example: panzer 4 wiped out in 2 shots from an armoured car meanwhile my pz4 hits 2-3 times and the armoured car is still operational?
2. In tank engagements AI units seem to be far too good compared to how they performed in the war, and or units over performing: soviet shermans boucing 75mm gun from the stug constantly and returning fire and hitting my stugs no fail whereas again im missing left right and center with both units at max VET? Does AT get buffs that cause this at different difficulty.
3. Instance where brumbar was knocked out frontally by PTRD squad?
4. Even if units have no line of sight they will turn towards the closest enemy unit in proximity it seems whitch can be really frustrating when you just want a unit to stay oriented one way as for example you know there is a consealed AT position is and you dont want to expose yourself.
5. Have attempted to ambush unit from the rear with one of my armoured units and as soon as im about to see the enemy unit it immediately turns round and returns fire, 9 times out of 10 this seems really unrealistic and annoying.

Im not here to slate the game for no reason, i love the game and want it to get better and these are thing things id like to see change so far for me to enjoy the game more.


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