Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.3

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Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.3

Postby PapaYankee » Wed 17 Jul 2019 14:59

Hello everyone,

The Patch 1.3 for Steel Division 2 is now available for download. Here's the patchlog:

  • Added links to the fantastic video tutorials made by VulcanHDGaming and SaucyNetwork
  • Army General: Selecting a fortified battalion now displays the available defensive structures
  • Army General: Improved Attack feedback
  • Army General: Improved UI
  • Improved localization

  • Fixed visual glitches happening when viewing a replay in high speed.
  • Fixed a rare glitch allowing non-amphibious vehicles to cross rivers.
  • Fixed line of sight issues on the Benshankovichy map.
  • Fixed the losses not taken in account after loading a tactical game in Army General.
  • Fixed a rare bug preventing attacks in Army General.
  • Fixed the "Custom" map selection not kept in memory after leaving the lobby.
  • Fixed the [HUN] ME 109 G-6 model.
  • Fixed two Soviet reinforcement groups' picture in Bobruisk campaign.
  • Fixed Soviet Bunker AT 45mm's weapon which was a PaK 38 50mm.
  • Fixed some Canadian infantry squads featuring non-Canadian models.
  • Fixed M3S Komroti (= Lee)’s display bug showing only one MG (although it did have two ingame)
  • Fixed [HUN] FW 190 F-8, fighter variant, stress.
  • Fixed the missing hull MG on the M8 Scott (all variants).
  • Fixed the Soviet Dzhip KAO (152mm)’s missing RTS icon.
  • (3rdUS) Removed the unarmed transport options in double for the Commander.

  • Increased heavy supply vehicles’ price from 15 to 20.
  • Reworked Infantry artillery observers: all are down to 2-man team with SMG but with the combo Radio+Recon traits (therefore, not affecting the frontline anymore). Price set at 20.
  • Removed Lenina 1v1 and Ostrowno 1v1 from Quick Match and Ranked Games.

  • Replaced Hungarian Bunker 75mm's Pak 97/38 gun with a PaK 40.
  • Increased German Brummbär’s front armor from 100 to 115mm. Price increased from 80 to 85.
  • (28Jäger) Fixed FW 190 F-8's availability.
  • (28Jäger) Fixed the Schwimmwagen’s XP ratios.
  • (116Pz) Fixed the Hummel’s XP ratios.
  • (1Lovas) Fixed the 105mm “Göring” howitzer’s XP ratios to match that (more generous) of other leFH18M 105mm.
  • (352ID) Changed the le.FH 16 105mm’s availability from 5/10/15 to 3/6/9 as other 105mm. Number of cards unchanged since it was never supposed to have so many.
  • (352ID) Fixed Me 109 G-2/R1's availability.

  • Fixed T34/85 Komroti's XP ratios.
  • Increased SU-152’s read & side armor from 45 to 60mm. Price increased from 75 to 80.
  • (3rd Gv. Mech.) Fixed Il-4 availability.

Have fun!

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.3

Postby Ben_D » Thu 18 Jul 2019 11:52

What was the 96.1 MB download about? The one that was published just moments before this post? I noticed there was a much smaller download pushed out much closer to the time of this thread's posting, so I assume the patch notes here are about that download.

Also, it seems that the thread for the 1.2 patch notes have been mistakenly re-categorized.

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.3

Postby PapaYankee » Thu 18 Jul 2019 15:22

The patch 1.3 has been reverted. We're investigating what has caused all these problems. We'll keep you posted.

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