Steam Achievements - Historical Battles

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Steam Achievements - Historical Battles

Postby Ramsay » Thu 18 Jul 2019 15:53

Hi, I wonder if anyone knows what victory conditions are required to unlock the Steam Achievements for the different Historic Battles.

For example: Stemming the Tide, "Bobr, Berezina, Niemen..." = Win with the Soviets but only unlocks if you take control of all 3 objectives as well.

Similarly - Desperate Measures, "Desperate resistance" = Win with the Soviets, also requires you to maintain control of all 3 objectives.

The same seems to be true of Desperate Measures, "Desperate assault" = Win with the Germans, as we only had control of 2 objective at the time of reaching a 'Major Victory' and failed to unlock the achievement.

I played these as co-op missions vs the easy AI.

Note: I can no longer set custom scenarios to 'Private' but that is likely unrelated, just means we have to be quick (no chatting) or boot unknown/uninvited players from our lobby (with apologies).

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