SD2 - Ambient Audio bug?

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SD2 - Ambient Audio bug?

Postby guiltygear » Sun 21 Jul 2019 14:37

I've noticed an odd behavior for ambient audio in SD2. As I am not really a fan of the background machine gun fire, explosions and popping noises in the menus while I am building a deck I have turned the slider all the way to the left to remove the sound. However, every time I start the game up, or upon exiting a match online with friends, the ambient noise returns at full volume.

This means every time I start my game up or finish a game, despite the volume still displaying as 0% (farthest left on the slider) the noise is still playing as if it is 100% volume. So I go into settings, slide the slider up a small amount, hit apply, then back down to zero and hit apply. I find this frustrating and annoying that the sound settings just aren't stored properly.

I've tried verifying my game files, I've tried reinstalling, nothing seems to "fix" this issue.

Similarly, nothing allows me to adjust the sound of "tank engines" in the deck builder. No matter how quiet I would like the game to be, the vehicle engine noises that play in the deck builder are DEAFENING. I am often speaking with friends or team mates about deck choices and discussing tactics on discord while in the deck builder and the noise is just unforgivably loud for no reason. I find I have to keep an infantry style unit selected at all times just to be able to hear the other people involved in planning. This engine noise is in no way immersive in the deck builder screen and I find it to be rather annoying that I cannot in any way quiet it without silencing the entire game.

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