Desync playing 'Last Hope' in co-op

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Desync playing 'Last Hope' in co-op

Postby Ramsay » Sun 28 Jul 2019 15:05

Hi, we played "Stemming the Tide" and "Desperate Measures" without issue vs the 'Easy AI'.

However, in playing 'Last Hope' as both Soviet (2019/07/25) and Axis (2019/07/27), both times we found the game desync'ed with some of the other player's units static/unresponsive - resulting in questions such as "why haven't you unloaded those units", "move those units up for support", "move your infantry through the town and clear out the AT infantry", etc.

I'm guessing that our infantry are being killed in their transports by mortar or artillery fire and that the owning player sees the infantry and transport killed, whilst the co-op player sees them as unloaded but inactive.

I'm not sure if a similar issue effects tanks (I haven't see the replay from the other player's perspective) but ... I was being asked to move up tanks - that had been wiped out previously ?

Is this a known issue, what can I do to help (i.e. saving the replays locally and uploading a link) ?

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