CD KEY to make an account

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CD KEY to make an account

Postby Bushwa01 » Thu 1 Aug 2019 06:46

Hi, just bought the game and wanted to play with a friend online. I am then asked to make an account which i do but then i reach the bottom of the page and it asks me to enter a CD KEY. I haven't needed to use a CD KEY in ten years because on one uses them anymore when you are using steam like I am. I then begin to look for solutions online and for the people having my same issue there is nothing. There is nothing I can do, I have looked into my invoice of when i purchased the game and nothing, look through steam and nothing, look through the forms and FAQs, NOTHING. Three should be a system in the game itself that can identify the fact I have purchased the game through steam.

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Re: CD KEY to make an account

Postby Shifu » Thu 8 Aug 2019 21:36

Your CD-key is managed by Steam. On the first launch of the game, Steam opens a popup window displaying your CD-key such that you can copy & paste it into the respective field.

At any time, you can access your CD-key via Steam > Library > Select the game and look at the very right side under 'Links' > CD-key. Steam will open a popup displaying your CD-key.

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