Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

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Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby L'@nge » Wed 7 Aug 2019 10:02

Hello everyone,

The Patch 1.5 for Steel Division 2 is now available for download. Here's the patchlog:

  • Cube action's order reorganization.
  • Changed Efficient shot's default keyboard shortcut to X
  • Changed Spread's default keyboard shortcut to CTRL+N
  • Added new Efficient shot's label's icon.

  • fixing the Soviet T-70's RTS icon.
  • fixing the British Daimler AC loadout bug & missing MG.
  • fixing Panzer IV H model.
  • fixing all Kwk 37’s HEAT round which hadn’t benefited from last patch’s RofF buff.

  • Increased the mounted version of PaK 36 37mm’s damages from 55 to 65mm, to match that of the towed variant. This affect SdKfz 250/10 & 251/10 and U304(f) PaK.
  • All (Faust) variants of German infantry squads have their price decrease by -5 to match that of the non-Faust variant, but availability remains lower.
  • increased tank gun variants of PaK 38 50mm from 65 to 70mm penetration to match the towed version (see below). It affects the Panzer III G, H & J.
  • standardization of the 52-P-353 76,2mm’s availability & XP ratio at 6/12/- for 184RD, 29TC & Tyurin.
  • Increased German LMG 34 & 42's precision from 5% to 10%.
  • Increased AA cannon's splash suppress damage.
  • Decreased AA cannon's time between two shots.
  • Increased Flakvierling (towed & self-propelled) price +10.
  • Increased Panzerjäger RSO's optics from Low to Normal.

  • Decreased PaK 38 50mm’s AP round’s penetration from 100 to 70mm (the stats were wrongly based on the Panzer III L’s long gun). Decreased APCR round’s penetration from 150 to 130mm. No price change, it was already a heist before.

  • Increased Soviet Gvardyia (DP)’s price from 25 to 30.
  • Increased Soviet Strelki (DP)’s price from 25 to 30.
  • Decreased Soviet AT 45mm bunker’s price from 30 to 25.
  • Decreased Soviet AT 76,2mm bunker’s price from 50 to 30.
  • Changed Saperi (PPSh)’s availability from 6/12/(18) to 9/12/(18).
  • Changed French Groupe Spahis’ optics from Very Good to Exceptionnal, on par with other two-man recon teams.
  • American M4A1 CMD now has the Radio trait.

  • Fixing some “picky” localization issues.

Have fun !

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby Protosszocker » Wed 7 Aug 2019 12:22

There are alot of complains about the AT value changes for Pz3 and pak38, also why nerfing Guardiya DP and Streliki DP instead of buffing MG42? This is the match up that is the problem but by nerfing the DP units you basically just buff the MP44 units even further. (that could do with a slight nerf anyways).

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby steppewolf » Wed 7 Aug 2019 13:11

I do agree with Protosszocker and this is also the conclusion of the Strike team,I think is better to postpone this patch

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby L'@nge » Wed 7 Aug 2019 13:22

Edit : This patch is now released. The patchlog has been updated to take into account your feedbacks.

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby Mister Maf » Fri 9 Aug 2019 00:27

I like the panzerfaust change. PzF rarely gets used because of the larger scale in SD2 so reduced availability instead of increased price is definitely the way to go.

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby KillaKow » Fri 9 Aug 2019 02:46

The model fix for the Panzer IVs missed the J variant. It's only in one DLC division but it would be nice to have them all fixed.
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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby Capt.Mazerolle » Fri 9 Aug 2019 18:30

Hello! It is my first time posting here!

I would like to point out that the decision to change the Pak 38 50 mm gun's penetration performance has been in error. The Pak 38 50 mm is the towed anti tank variant of the Panzer 3 Ausf L & M's KwK 39 50 mm gun, or more precisely, the latter is the tank gun variant of the former. Both guns are of identical dimensions, both being 50 mm wide at the bore and both being of identical length (L/60), or 60 times the length of the bore. Therefore, it is incorrect for the two to now have differing penetration characteristics since they both fire the same ammunitions at the same muzzle velocities.

I propose a change of the Pak 38's penetration values back to its previous values of 100 mm AP and 150 mm APCR, since right now it has the same penetration (70 mm) as the much shorter KwK 38 50 mm L/42, which is incorrect.

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Re: Steel Division 2 - Patch 1.5

Postby Mojo(aut) » Sat 17 Aug 2019 14:58

Will the Tiger 1's hull mg port get fixed too?

Currently it has that wierd boxy shape for some reason, a minor error on an ohterwise good model.

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