Feature request, painting arrows and lines on the map

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Feature request, painting arrows and lines on the map

Postby Avizor » Thu 8 Aug 2019 20:10

First, well done Eugen, the game is a masterpiece, apart from the lobby-game finder, i can hardly imagine how can you improve it, second...

I think that the ability to paint some arrows, doted lines and common symbology of military maps will be a cool way to tell your companions what is happening in your part of the front.

Now you can ping "attack" or "defend", but it will be cool if you can place a marker that told "arty here" or "flack here" to your companions. Or painting a arrow to show your intentions, like, im going to push through this valley or defend this line, stuff like that.

Probably not very hard code-wise and it will allow much better communication to those who dont play on voice coms.

edit: With map I mean, the game world, not the army general map.

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