current meta

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current meta

Postby korsarz » Tue 20 Aug 2019 21:57

current meta with soviets:

spam arty
spam air
spam cheap tanks
spam cheap infantry
wait some more
win because the opponent does not have 3 hours

current meta with axis:
does it matter if it's gonna be a mirror?

definitely worth 60 Pounds I paid.

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Re: current meta

Postby Miskyavine » Thu 22 Aug 2019 01:02

Spam air? Planes insta die to any decent amount of AA. WW2 was about massive formations slamming into each other so whats considered spam is actually realistic whats not is the amount of German Panthers and Tigers.
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Re: current meta

Postby Grabbed_by_the_Spets » Thu 22 Aug 2019 22:45


Because I've found that I'm running out of men much, much faster as the Soviets than as the Axis.

German units tend to be larger, better equipped and far more versatile than the Soviet counterparts. Hell, they comparatively just about cost the same and tend to come a nearly the same availability.

If you want a Soviet squad to be good at something, you usually need pick a smaller, more specialized squad or you're stuck with bare bones equipment and sometimes not even an MG. If you pick a Pzf squad on the other hand it all comes equipped with everything, and the best of everything too!

Low level German equipment also fairs much, much better than low level Soviet equipment, even the obsolete PAK's have humongous AP HEAT rounds and captured Soviet equipment seems to come with more AP/APCR than Soviets somehow!

StuG's are also far more abundant in German motorised than the Soviet motorised, who in bad cases will only have Emcha's, 76mm T-34's and Lee's.

Don't even get me started on artillery, the fact that Germany gets radio on just about every artillery piece there is means you really have no excuse for loosing the artillery game.

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Re: current meta

Postby Tristan44 » Thu 29 Aug 2019 21:17

That's so strange, my experience has been the exact opposite. Besides the 76. Sturm, Soviets seem to have much more spammable infantry and tanks that eventually wear down my German divisions. The amount of Shermans (3rd Tank and 3 Guards Mech) i can field in A phase and quickly get to the front make my Soviets games fairly easy. I'm not so good with artillery so ive been spammed by both so i cant say much about that. I have about 200 games under my belt and a 70% win rate, with both factions played at 50/50. The Soviet IS21944 out performs everything the Germans can field, and I've never seen radios change the face of a battle much. Shfratniki and Guards w/ 2x DP are not outperformed by German units. The best german units, the Begleit Pioneers and the Sturm infantry only come with 1 or 2 divisions. And those divisions suffer HEAVILY from no armor support, so once the initial bleed is stemmed and you can bring in your shermans, t34s, or KVs to the battle to support your attack, its hard to hold that back as those german divisons.

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