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Bug Report

Postby Nick Echo » Fri 23 Aug 2019 05:46

I have been playing a lot of multiplayer, and here is a short list of bugs/problems I have noticed.

Tanks keep moving and firing while under attack/quick attack orders, leading to missed shots and exposed flank and rear armor. Especially noticeable when a group of tanks that were quick attack moving over roads, start engaging the enemy. The group can be as small as 2-3 tanks, and it still happens. It seems like they are trying to get away from each other, to maintain some sort of a minimum distance. In many occassions I had to repeatedly spam the "stop" button, to force the tanks to stop moving and face the front armor towards the enemy, while under fire.

All units prioritize moving away from even the tinyiest of forest fires, even if its caused by something small, like a missed shot from a tank. It is extremely infuriating, when an at gun stops firing at the tank, packs up and tries to go away from a fire thats so small, you need to zoom in to see it. Unless there are some units nearby that can save the suicidal gun, it always leads to the death of the crew, and a loss in the encounter. Giving a direct order to attack, or just trying to spam the "stop" hotkey (the stop button in UI is always greyed out in that case) does nothing. It also the case in infantry and tank combat. It is especially frustrating when an expensive tank does that, and in many cases, misses the shot on the move/exposes side armor and dies.

When performing a pincer maneuver, units that fall back, often fall back towards the enemy thats between them and the spawn, leading to an inevitable death. For example, I was in a process of surrounding an enemy detachment, going north, and then turning west. East side was ours, while our spawn, was south. Between my advancing force and the spawn, there was a perhaps 700m2 sized light forest, with enemy units inside it. My advancaning infantry got hit and panicked, and I issued a fall back order, hoping they will go either north or east, both under my control, no enemy in sight. Instead, they charged at the enemy forest, towards units that were firing at them, and promtly were destroyed.

Crew panicked critical sometimes just leaves the tank immobilized until it wears off, instead of falling back, even when tank has no mobility criticals. If the tank is under fire, it will often die because of it.
Pilot panicked critical just makes the plane fly in circles ignoring control, neither dodging enemy aa or fighters, nor attempting to evac, which means it might as well be an instant death critical. In an extremely rare case when it survives for the critical to wear off, it attempts to continue the last order - chasing an enemy plane thats long gone, or bombing an area that is either clear or already overrun. Please, just make it evac instead, or reduce the duration of the critical to something less deadly.

Pak 36, the german 37mm at gun with the 800m range HEAT round never fires the rocket on its own. Doesn't matter, if its on weapons free or on efficient shot mode. Even if the enemy tank is as close as 500m, and the regular ap round has 0% chance to penetrate, it will keep pointlessly plinking at the front armor, instead of using the HEAT round. The only way to make it fire, is to disable the regular ap ammo.

Issuing an attack move removes efficient shot. A minor nuisance, when setting up at guns.

Please add a function for aa guns to engage enemy ground units only when fired upon, yet they would fire at enemy air as normal. Towed aaa guns at the edge of forest tend to reveal themselves and die.

Swamp(I assume its a swamp) areas are marked as yellow cover, yet neither tanks nor towed guns can enter it. It is extremely misleading, and it is very hard to tell where it starts and where it ends. It needs to be a lot more different visually from the generic light forest, especially, when a player is zoomed out.

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