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Hi Team,

I love your work and this game is my favorite of the series. I bought the game during the official launch and my experience was great.
Now, after 2-3 months of re-balancing units, the experience is totally broken, not fun anymore. Is another Wargame type game.
I want to list below the things I liked from the first versions of SD2:

1 - Realistic use of cheap AT Guns. You could destroy many tanks with a very well placed PAK. Now, they are weak and scarce. No point in using them anymore (totally unrealistic in terms of military history).
2 - The tanks were extremely powerful from very long distances, making possible to attack the enemy with a small number of them. Now, the tanks have no accuracy nor power of penetration... 6 T-34 1944 could fire 16 rounds against a Stug III and no killing. This is worrying me because you have to go back to Tank Massive Rush tactics like in old Wargame in order to crush enemy defenses. This is not a realistic tactical movement.

I want to ask Eugen team only one thing... please let us choose the balance we want to play with... I want the original balance for units, not the new one after patch 1.5. Give us the possibility to choose. I'm not saying your work is bad, I'm just asking for a simple change to allow me to play with my preferences. In multiplayer do what you want.

Thank you
kind regards,


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