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Army general bugs

Posted: Fri 18 Oct 2019 20:22
by Palaiologos
1.hovering over Totenkompf unit badges has them as Wiking.

2. There is something weird with counting casualties in the army general. I cant actually pinpoint the problem, but I think that if you dont lose any unit entirely no casualities are counted. I had two battles in which zero soldiers were listed as lost-I know for a fact that some of my units got casualties, I am not that good. I had even one that the phase B stats were less than phase A(not possible since they are supposedly A+B). Might have to do with the fact that I didnt lose any units in phase B. As said I cant pinpoint the problem, but there is something definetely amiss. Look at this p

P.S Appantely killing routed units now works perfectly-casuality score wise. Thanks!

P.S A just now screenshot from in game. As you can see I didnt lose any planes, and I only managed to shoot down one. And I am pretty sure I lost more than 21 soldiers, really. Lost a couple of einsantz f.e and they are not listed.