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please fix sturmtiger LOS issue

Posted: Sat 26 Oct 2019 09:51
by nicholas70
Right now this unit seems slightly op for cost while also being broken. The biggest gripe I have with it is the broken LOS indicator when attempting to target an area. Right now the LOS system for targeting in game treats the unit like it is artillery but it actually functions as a direct fire unit. This creates situations when targeting enemy forces which can result in the unit behaving very stupidly by showing its side armor while trying to get LOS on the target you selected that appeared to be within the units LOS while you first targeted the enemy unit. The fact the sturmtiger doesn't seem to engage enemy units on its own makes the issue even worse. Having said that if you micro the hell out of the thing and are in a mostly open flat area it is quite op for the price. I figure maybe the issues I mentioned before could be a nerf of sorts, but I'd frankly just assume pay more points for the unit vs being forced to micro the hell out of it for it to be effective. In this case a lot of the annoying micro revolves around having to constantly check the hotkey LOS tool to see what you can actually target before targeting it because of the LOS indicator being useless in targeting mode.