Goodbye Eugen

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Goodbye Eugen

Postby Rizzmond » Sat 2 Nov 2019 14:41

I say with a heavy heart that SD2 will be the last Eugen game I buy for the foreseeable future. I love your games to death and have bought every one since the first Wargame. I exclusively play multiplayer and frankly I'm done putting up with antiquated 2000-era game lobbies. Title after title you have stuck with this obsolete system where there is no matchmaking. often stacked teams, and dreadful wait times. I really hope you implement proper modern lobby matchmaking like company of heroes 2 and starcraft 2 so I can return to your products in the future.

Your games have the potential to be blockbusters, not niche products that die out quickly.

A once loyal customer

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Re: Goodbye Eugen

Postby korsarz » Fri 8 Nov 2019 19:23


but ppl will tell you - hey, 400 players in average is a lot and the game is actually great but you don't understand it.

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