Object Instances

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Object Instances

Postby aletoledo » Tue 11 Feb 2020 15:38

I'm trying to mod in a change that requires me to use an object instance that already exists. Specifically I would like to select a unit, then display it's unit label in the HUD interface. Whenever I try this, it seems that I'm not referencing the correct object instance and nothing returns as expected.

How are we supposed to know which object is selected by the user? I saw one attribute that was "IsSelection", but I couldn't seem to get that to work. So how are we supposed to pick out the correct object?

Also once that correct object is identified, is there a way to know what properties it currently has? Like how do I know that it has a GUID or a Tag somewhere? I've tried using tags, but they never seem to be a part of the object instance.

Thanks for any insight, no matter how small.

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