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Please allow more time in conquest mode (give option to remove time limit)

Posted: Tue 18 Feb 2020 02:42
by FUBAR1945
First off, kudos for the most amazing WW2 game created by mankind as of year 2020! The realism and scale of this simulation game is unlike any other. There is a niche group of players that would like to play long outdrawn games that would take hours or even days (thank god for the sane option) but it allows for epic long battles specially between private parties and old school armchair generals.

I am not asking to take anything away from the game. By all means have all existing options for those who prefer shorter battles but PLEASE do not exclude those who prefer longer battles. It will not harm anyone if you allow an option to have no time limit or in conquest mode allow the game to continue until the LAST flag is captured.

Currently, on a map with 20 flags (10 blue and 10 red), just because blue player has captured 14 flags, game should have the option to continue until last flag. Just give that as an option. Game ends when all flags have been captured by one team. This game mode will open a new epic style battle to those folks who much prefer long battles/wars and are not afraid to save the game and continue later and think about the game and options before continuing. You know, just like real life, where a battle could last days with few interruptions and cease fires in between.

Thanks for a great game and I hope you are listening to your fans.