First SD 2 Community Multiplayer Campaign Launch Announcement - Sign Ups Open Now!

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First SD 2 Community Multiplayer Campaign Launch Announcement - Sign Ups Open Now!

Postby MasterOfCybertron » Sun 8 Mar 2020 12:34

Hello everyone!

Spindel, Kopenhagen, Gensei Kakka, and PrimusPilus would like to announce the launch of the first ever Steel Division 2 Community Multiplayer Campaign. The launch date is set for the weekend of April 4-5.

We will be holding two separate interactive tutorial sessions on March 21-22 and March 28-29 to introduce players to the tactical system and compose preliminary teams for the campaign. Once the campaign starts, sessions will be played every Sunday or Saturday depending on player availability. Specific start times will be announced closer to the tutorial dates.

We are now opening up sign ups and we invite anyone interested to join us for this campaign. Sign up link:

This campaign system is designed to emphasize teamwork, role-playing, and thematic gameplay. The most innovative element of this campaign is the tactical system where individual players will be given a role: Frontliner or Commander. Each role will have a specialized deck to emphasize teamwork and synergetic gameplay. The Commander especially will be responsible for the tactical success of the team in the campaign as they will be concerned with the entire battlefield. Strategically, battles will be tied together in a simple tug-of-war system with the goal of reaching the enemy base and defeating them in a final climactic engagement, thus winning the campaign. Above all this campaign is meant to be fun, add a bit of historical flavor to Steel Division 2, and challenge teams to work together more effectively with greater synergy between them.

TL:DR, if you want to participate in a team-focused strategic campaign in Steel Division 2, join us at the official Eugen Discord ( to organize and coordinate games. Please @mention or private message one of the campaign designers on the general chat channel so that they may give you an appropriate Discord role.

For more detailed information please take a look at the work document for the campaign: ... sp=sharing

For any additional questions or concerns please contact any of the 4 design team members (PrimusPilus, Kopenhagen, Spindel, and Gensei Kakka).

We hope you can join us for this fun fan made project!
See you on the battlefield.

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