Tutorial 6 appears broken

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Tutorial 6 appears broken

Postby FOARP » Sun 28 Jun 2020 12:05

You're supposed to select the artillery unit and then bombard the German panzer unit, but the bombard ability button is blacked out and nothing (restarting, changing turn, moving the unit etc.) brings it back.
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You can beat the tutorial just by attacking the infantry and then the tank unit in ordinary fashion, but the bombard ability doesn't show up.

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Re: Tutorial 6 appears broken

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Mon 29 Jun 2020 14:42

Yes, it has been reported and fixed on our end, unfortunately too late to be included in today's patch.

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Re: Tutorial 6 appears broken

Postby cyrocasabona » Sun 12 Jul 2020 22:09

I noticed this bug during tutorial six, which deals with the use of artillery units. After that I played one of the campaigns, and realized that the bug continued.

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