Add new units and other modding questions

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Add new units and other modding questions

Postby Wlaredo » Sun 27 Sep 2020 22:30

Hey everyone, I am recently new to SD2, and love the game. I have some ideas of units/divisions I would like to create. However with the existing modding tools, I’m curious: is there any way to create NEW units? Ideally I’d do this by taking existing models and reconfiguring them into new units (so for example, a Grenadier squad with less riflemen and more with SMGs).

I’m also thinking of trying to create some units for nations not yet represented. Is it possible to take a weapon from one model (let’s say a rifle) and “put it in the hands” of another model? How customizable are individual infantry models via the modding tools?

Lastly, it there a tool to re-color/redesign uniforms? Let’s say I wanted to re-color a Grenadier unit into their African theatre uniforms.

Thanks for any help!

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