Quick Questions

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Quick Questions

Postby JohnS » Mon 28 Dec 2020 19:25

Just a few things that I am uncertain of ----

1) My understanding from somewhere is that certain transportation units can stay on the board after they unload their passenger? Is this correct? If so, precisely which Soviet, German USA units have this capacity? After they unload, can they reload the same passenger? How? - is there a "Load" option that I have not noticed? Must they reload the same unit or can they basically pick up anyone?

2) Am I correct in assuming that Leaders only affect the type of unit they are designated for? In other words, I assume that a leader designated with a T-34 title will not lead T85's. Same with infantry - a standard guards infantry leader will not affect a nearby pioneer unit. Correct?

3) Re artillery leaders. Am I correct in assuming that they have to unload to have any effect? In other words, if they stay in the jeep they provide no leadership benefit.(?) Same with infantry leaders - Correct? Is this true too of the Commanders - they need to unload?

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Re: Quick Questions

Postby AGnou » Tue 9 Mar 2021 16:16

1) Transports coming with their own price will stay (basically armed and supply one). They can pick up anything that fit their cargo capacity.

2) Leaders/commanders effect work for any unit within their leadership range, whatever their type.

3) Unit perks (leadership/recon/etc) work only when they are *on ground*, so you have to unload them yes.

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