Skirmish Map Selection and Total Destruction

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Skirmish Map Selection and Total Destruction

Postby Saryk » Thu 4 Feb 2021 23:50

The selecting of a map when the game first was released was good. But now, it doesn't make sense. I can understand having maps grouped by the number of players or by sizes. But today, selecting a map and then it will tell you that there is small version and that is it?

Total Destruction. Why is the max in total destruction 8000? When before it was either all the units gone or all POIs captured? Why the change? If players want an 8000 point limit, that's fine, but let players have the option to have it like it was before.

And to bring is up again, a better filter system for the battle groups would be nice.

Thank you!

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Re: Skirmish Map Selection and Total Destruction

Postby reaver » Mon 8 Feb 2021 14:17

Seconded. This concerns me too. Is there any mod to unlock all maps / map sizes / player count / match rules and so on ?

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