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Abbreviations and Terms

Posted: Mon 22 Feb 2021 00:56
by JohnS
Has anyone compiled a list of the foreign terms and abbreviations used for units in the game???

I actually took both German and Russian decades ago...but...there was no focus in high school or college on military terms. Over time in playing the game I have figured out many of the more obscure phrases but some still stump me (and I haven't even gotten to Rumanian or Finnish).

I love the game but I think there is some element of misplaced conceit in putting Strelki, Desant Doushka, KHT, Gorno Saperi etc. in front of the poor player with no effort to help him out. I know Begleit and Schutzen from both other games and from basic German but still it all seems a little much and it seems to me unnecessary to leave the poor player in the dark.

Look, I have been reading East Front history since 1965 (Alan Clark's "Barbarossa") and if I feel challenged by the terminology then I can only imagine that the more casual gamer is simply taking a guess or not putting any thought into precisely what the units are. My opinion is that any game designer should recognize it as an offputting element and provide a little help.

....But then again, I come from the days (going back to 1962) where the wargame designers actually provided a manual.

Re: Abbreviations and Terms

Posted: Mon 22 Feb 2021 02:15
by JohnS
For anyone who doubts me, all I can say is this....

When you see "36 OGTTP" in the Order of Battle, what does it mean? Don't look it up. When you see it on the screen, is there one player in 1000, try 10,000, who immediately knows what this abbreviation means? Even after you check it out, all you are doing is guessing what the unit is based upon the unit symbols.

I have no idea whatsoever as to what "OGTTP" means and I am looking at the detailed Order of Battle compilation as set forth in "Belorussia 1944, the Soviet General Staff Study" (David Glantz and Howard Orenstein translators and editors).

What sense does this make?

In the interest of "game color", the game designer abandons all meaning.