5 Bugs reports may be...

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5 Bugs reports may be...

Postby Ney » Tue 9 Mar 2021 12:24


I have 4 bugs reports (if it is confirmed by you).

1) When i call reinforcement, sometimes, the unit stay at the edge of the map and do not go to the point that I indicate on the map.

2) Sometimes when I zoom out a unit or position, the camera sends me back to another random unit at the other end of the map that I haven't selected or registered. it is send me to my unit or an allied unit.

3) Sometimes, when I select a group of units that is already in combat or on the map, it also integrates me, the units that I have called in as reinforcements and which are being delivered on the map. While I have not selected them.

I am forced to reselect the unit group one or more times to have the only units I want to lead.

4) At close combat, I also noticed, quite often, that when I was playing the Germans and I ordered a Panzer 4 to shoot at a sherman without the sherman spotting him. Panzer 4 aimed at the sherman but refrained from firing. Without pushing the "efficient pull" button.
The Sherman uncovers the panzer, lines up quickly (the circle above the unit charges quickly), and shoots first.

I have also seen this with the panzer 3 vs sherman.

Likewise, when a Sherman and a Panzer face each other and get their bearings at the same time, it is always the Sherman which lines up fastest and shoots first.
The panzer charges less quickly and the sherman very very quickly.
It's frustrating, i found. Most often the panzer dies the first time.

And after the first shoot, if the panzer is not dead, the time of the reloading of the sherman is the same as the panzer.
In these situations that I describe, the crews have the same level of experience.

Is this a bug or is it intended (the sherman is naturaly better than the panzer) ?

5) the schwimm. flak 20 mm is not amphibious.
it is a an oversight ?

Thank you for your attention.
May be there are situations that there are no bugs but i prefere to ask.

Have a good day

Ps: I don't have the issue anymore with the kpz. 4 when it died. Now, it stay in the map with it's carcass when it died.

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