Noob question - forcing a unit to move?

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Noob question - forcing a unit to move?

Postby jon8798 » Thu 1 Apr 2021 23:26

Hi - I've been playing SD2 for a few weeks and have enjoyed it but have hit a pretty significant barrier now because, for the life of me, I can't work out how to fight a delaying action. Sorry if this is a bone question, but I can't find the answer anywhere - how do I force an infantry unit or field gun to move when it is firing? I'm trying to play the AG scenarios as Axis which means a lot of defensive battles where I have to give up ground, but I can't seem to do so.

I know you can use 'fall back' when a unit becomes supressed, but I frequently want a unit to engage the enemy for a brief period and then pull back before it becomes decisively engaged or hit by artillery/air. However, as soon as one on my units sees something it can shoot at it will not move until the target is destroyed, it can't see it anymore or it becomes supressed and I can activate fall back. If I tell a unit that is firing to move by right clicking then I get a dashed yellow line showing where I've told it to move but it will continue to stay in the same spot firing. If I click "stop" and then tell it to move, use the "seize" or "hunt" commands and select the ground I want it to move back to, I get the same thing - unit ignores me and continues to fire.

Any help is much appreciated as I've basically paused the campaign until I can work out how to get past this. Thanks.

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