3rd armored and the new range update....

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3rd armored and the new range update....

Postby juicyj » Sun 2 May 2021 02:02

I just want to say I love the battlegroups of steel division, there is a wide verity of units at your disposal. I think the range rework was a really good idea and makes it so one m-42 doesn't cover an entire road for 2000m. Though it causes major issues for the 3rd armored division that makes the deck really unfun to use and very hard to win with. This major issue is the range of the tanks. Nothing in the deck besides the m5 gun and the m10a1 can reach 2000m. Even with that it is just the apcr which they get 3 shells each. This makes it extremely hard to actually fight other tank divisions. The 3rd armored was already in a tough position after they got nerfed into the ground and the range update makes it even harder. Most tanks on the german side outrange all the 3rd armored tanks and even when the 3rd armored tanks get in range they can only get up to 130mm of penetration with the m4a1(76). This makes it so panthers and anything superior can completely kill a tank group by itself without even getting shot at, when it does get shot at everything bounces. The 3rd armored is in a really bad state and the range update made it even worse. Hopefully someone on the steel division team sees this and take into consideration that the 3rd armored either needs its stats changed or more units need to be added back such as the p-47 with AT rockets. Thanks for reading

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