Cant enjoy the game

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Cant enjoy the game

Postby DHB » Sun 7 Jul 2019 08:25

I wanted to enjoy the game but every time i just feel frustrated by all the WTF moments and very little control over a situation

1. units are way too accurate

Up until the modern era (lets say 1960s) tanks didnt normally fire on 2000 meters, yes there were tanks with
elite crews that could make those shots , but even tanks known for long range engagements (Panthers, Tiger, Is2s) had only a fraction of accuracy on 2000 meters that we have ingame, especially for the first round fired at a target, same goes for AT guns.

If the range had to be hard capped it should have been 1500 meters at most, lots of times i am zoomign out frantically searching and trying to figure out from where are my unit shot from...

2. veterancy and commanders - they beef up the point no1 , getting 3 star super elite and supper accurate units is too easy

3. RNG critical hits and penetration - horribly flawed, I hated it already in Normandy 44 but with the range increase to 2000 meters it got even worse

Tank and AFV battles feel like a tabletop dice roll slugfests, where either a unit is instantly destroyed at max 2000 meter range or suddenly turns into a terminator bouncing things it shouldnt bounce, with multiple pointless criticals. The first time 3x 3 star panzer 4 Hs couldnt finish off scout car for over 5 minutes at 1500 meters (despite multiple hits) made my jaw drop... that until a King Tiger had trouble penetrating a command Valentine tank at 1500 meters lol... or when a direct hit on a halftrack triggers the critical "crew panics" with the halftrack driving like nothing happened...i could write an essay on all the WTF moments i had.

RNG on crits and penetration need to get toned down and be more predictable.

4. the spam, i understand the critics on Normandy 44 as it sometimes really felt like a skirmish, and not a battle, but now you can spam almost as bad as in Wargame

5. the arty,

goes with point no 4 , i have no problem wit arty being powerful, but the reason its so cheesy is because you dont need any line of command to bring down fire, arty spotters and commander units with radios should have a far higher importance than now, i wouldnt mind if arty cold have been called down only within a radius of a frontline unit with a radio icon, and accurate fire only with direct LOS to the target.

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Re: Cant enjoy the game

Postby Sunburn » Thu 11 Jul 2019 12:47

Agree with all these points +1 from me.

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