Balance issues that don't have an answer

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Balance issues that don't have an answer

Postby Satellite986 » Tue 11 May 2021 12:28

I was asked to write by my friends, we are a team of 7 people, we have been playing 10x10 since the beta test of the game

The last patch baffled us, in some places it became simply impossible for the blue ones to play
Yesterday at Slutsk I could not kill one firefly with 3 panthers, in that it left because of the relief, but it converges faster, as a result, I get hits with panthers, it leaves and I did not have time to converge

Faster aiming real balance problem

I am also attaching a video, which captures the absurd moments with the panthers, one T-34 in a battle against two panthers and one Pz4 defeated two panthers from 500 meters.At a time when I with my КТ from 100 meters cannot pick up the T-34-76 with one shot

My panthers were without 1-2 HP I don't understand how a tank with 8 damage was able to take two tanks in a row with one shot
FIrefly Now invincible at short distances and at maximum distances, they are also with a probability of 54% they won

Now the panthers are a useless tank, the CT is also nerfed, now it is not worth its 290 points, it is absolutely, now it is not clear how to play with German tanks, apparently, in the opinion of the Eugens, we should all play as policemen from Koruck 559

The machine gun ammo is now absurdly small, despite the fact that the red ammo had 2,100 rounds for two DPs, so they remained the same, then remove the red ammo for balance.

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