Some suggestions for Eugen to consider. [Balance , NATO]

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Some suggestions for Eugen to consider. [Balance , NATO]

Postby KaiShek » Wed 8 Sep 2021 07:29

This article is intended to provide some suggestions for Eugen to consider.

The first is the oft-maligned question of balance. Balance problems often arise from arguments about the value of specific units. It is well known that the combat performance of various units in the real world is not completely numerically calculated. At the same time, these values vary depending on the strength level of each military group. Therefore, there is no such thing as balance in real war. However, player-versus-player military confrontations need to be balanced so that players can play "fairly". If Eugen were to change the numbers of combat units in order to achieve this balance, the game would lose the virtual experience and historicity it seeks.
There are two ways to look at it.
Eugen can use a dual data track to resolve the historical versus balance conflict. In player versus AI battles, unit values and combat conditions can be as close to historical facts as possible. In player-versus-player situations, these values can be adjusted to allow for fair play. This adjustment includes, but is not limited to, the operational performance (quality) of units, but can also be reflected in the number and type of units available. Some players still pursue a balance of history in multiplayer games, which is obviously unreasonable. It is well known that the level and development tendency of the military industry of the German and Soviet armies are different in dynamic history.
In a nutshell, the solution is to design the game data in the two game modes, player versus AI and player versus player, independently of each other. In the campaign mode, we should pursue the historicity as much as possible, while in the multi-person confrontation, we should pursue balance.

The second is the proposal on NATO military symbols. In the iron division series, compared with Wargame, the setting of background, color and size of NATO military symbols are not so recognizable and beautiful. Maybe Eugen team tried to guide players to play with the default RTS icon, but I still hope the design of NATO military symbols can be improved.

Of course, there are just some ideas. Specific implementations may need to be considered more.

Thank you.

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