New Video - Let's Play a Battle

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New Video - Let's Play a Battle

Postby Museal » Fri 15 Mar 2019 03:41

I wanted to see what peoples Opinions on the most recent video are (Steel Division 2 - Let's Play a Battle) I believe it was very good and the game looks great from this video. However, I would like to highlight a few thing I noticed and to add my opinion as feedback to this video on things I think might need looking at/ things I just want to say look great after all Beta is coming up and now is the time for little changes (note I am sure there is plenty up for change in the upcoming weeks).

First of a few good points I think the graphics look great and provider a nice clear depiction of what everything is you can easily see this is thin woods/ heavy woods this is on a hill etc from a glance which is what you need when you are quickly deploying things to the front. The efficient shot looks like a great mechanic something which is a great improvement from SD44 as no longer will you have to tell a AT gun to hold fire till you think it will actually maybe hit, and leaving it at 40% chance to hit even with that means that its not a I want to kill/ fist shot hit button resulting in it still having a chance to miss which I think helps tanks a little not hold your hand if you foolishly send a tank ahead without scouts. The Ranger/ Line of sight tool looks great really helping with line of sight when it comes to terrain height which SD44 did not show, I am glad to see it back as its a great edition to these type of games when it comes to placing anything on the map or ensuring Inf get into position correctly and are at there optimal range for firing.

However if I could point out a few potential changes/ concerns they would be. I personally quite liked the Card stacks in SD44 which showed how many of that Unit you had left to call in. I do agree that the Numbers showing exactly how many are left is good but maybe a mix of both this is more of a astatic opinion but I can see why a simple card with stats and Number remaining to call in so this is more of a minor opinion in terms of how the game looks. Carrying on the theme of Looks I felt the Unit Icon on the battle field a little lacking in terms of colour and shape. The enemy being grey on a grey background with a dull gold showing stats did not nearly catch my eye as much as SD44 with bright Oranges with a number clearly in the centre of the circle/ shield making the Numbers Clear and a silver border around the whole thing really making it stand out a bit. I also feel it will not tell new player what they mean from a glance a shield in SD44 is clear to everyone this is there armour simple as. I feel the easy way to fix this is to simply choose some brighter shades to make the text stand out a little more and to make the cards look less dull and there is no need to make a shield for armour again I don't personally mind I just feel I should point out that cards on the battle field need something to spice them up a little. note I think the actual call in cards look fine clearly showing numbers cost and number left, though I would like to see once again attack and armour displayed on them again maybe one in each corner if I were to want a little change to them to remind you them before calling it in without needing to hover over it to see it in a pop up box which I presume is still a thing but other then that the art work looks great. Sorry for using Card I did not know what else to call the unit card on the field also I should make note the unit cards have already changed once before at least as see in Dev Diary #2

One of my concerns is with the pacing/ Units that are called in as in this Video we see a Tiger called in phase A which in both instances kills most it encounters with one dying to AI driving it close to a treeline which a Normal Player would not do. As a result I am concerned that with access to these big tanks early on we wont see the same progression as in SD44 and such tanks dominating under player controlled hands early on, I am aware the counter to this is to just call in a Big tank of your own but I wants peoples opinion of how they think it will go as and if they think a deck that progresses from bad equipment to good equipment can really be a thing anymore. I know for instance in Wargame people usually don't bring in the big guns instantly and instead scout around but this is a very different game in terms of how you deal with a big tank you cannot simply sneak up a missile troop and kill something from miles away or fly a helicopter up. SD44 progress system I feel worked well with people gaining access to more or better troops depending on the Division which might or might not be a bad thing I found it fine in Wargame and at the same time I felt it brought character to deferent Divs in the first game as you knew this deck I am going to have to cling on till the Big tanks arrive or its time to send the troops racing forward in a early game rush to grab as much land and points as possible. I also wonder what this means to Infantry decks like for instance if you want to build something like the 16th Luft and not take any tanks till phase C is this in terms of Multiplayer going to return to like in Wargame a tanks take the ground while everything else is just there to support / inf take big treelines/ towns. My hope is that it will be a bit like the Demi brigade who can bring in the FFI Jagdpanzer IV a great tank that most get in phase C, I also hope that the new Strategic points help keep infantry decks in a ok position as they can focus around these objectives that are in towns and in heavy forest. I am Aware of the fact taking such tanks early on means Low availability but in the game shown we do see two Tigers brought in which usually under player controlled hands can be dangerous when we have seen them in SD44 though admittedly no where near as strong as Panthers and the Königstiger in terms of destruction and I would like to think things like the Königstiger simply cannot be taken early on as there would be around 1 per card in phase C and so you cannot reduce availability to get it earlier.

So overall I would like to hear people opinions on what I said in terms of if they agree with the minor changes, what they feel when it comes to the pacing and if the days of lots of Inf no tanks are going to come to a end Also if people like the new Armour system i.e. Simplistic SD44 vs Lots of info SD2. I am looking forward to the game and I do hope this is not taken as a criticism of the game these are my opinions on what came to mind when I watched the vid and things I think might need looking into when it comes to Beta changes though of course my opinions may change when I do play it in the Beta. there might appear to be more criticism then praise but this is simply because I have not explained in depth my good points as there is no real need to say why the graphics look good in depth or how I like the little pictures, smoke/ firing effects. Keep up the great work and I look forward to giving it a good play.

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Re: New Video - Let's Play a Battle

Postby emna123 » Fri 22 Mar 2019 14:01

nice story thank you so much for sharing a Battle thread

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