Some requests for SD2's dedicated servers

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Some requests for SD2's dedicated servers

Postby DaniDE » Tue 9 Apr 2019 12:01

Hi there.

Out of experience as a long time provider for Wargame dedicated servers and now having played SD2's beta, I have a few requests for servers, while you guys are still developing the game. I listed them in order of importance :D

- MOTD - ability to display a text to the players in the server lobby, which can be used to give them info - for example who to contact to report TK's or appeal a ban or whatever. This would be an ingame UI thing. Please do this, it's needed.

-Possibility to define some server rules. Does not need a GUI - a simple configuration file that we could place next to the binary that could disallow use of a certain unit or unit type would suffice. Using this, we could offer special rule servers, for example a server with offmap artillery only. The aforementioned MOTD would inform players they should make an optimized deck for this. SYNERGY! :)

-Possibility to set up an auto-kick on teamkilling - preferrably with a set number of occurances before it triggers. There can always be some friendly infantry jogging right into your surgical precision carpet bombing, we all understand that. But if it happens three times in a row, it even exceeds american standards and that auto kick option could set in. This would greatly reduce administrative micromanagment of teamkilling incidents.

-A way to set up a custom map rotation in a config file, so we don't have to script it ourselves again . :roll:

I am sure there is more, but these are features I (and probably the other server admins) would love to have in SD2.

Dani :)

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Re: Some requests for SD2's dedicated servers

Postby ccrraaiigg007 » Thu 1 Aug 2019 01:49

All of these would be wonderful. It would also be nice if we could get some more information, such as deck strings, via RCON as well. The only query you can do in Red Dragon returns the player name and number.

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