Aces and Divisions

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Aces and Divisions

Postby MaxNix » Sat 4 May 2019 16:28

I am new to this kind of game, but really liked the videos I saw, so I consider buying this game. But now I wonder what all these different editions of the game contain. It seems most of the stuff is cosmetics and some extra information. But still there are aces, divisions and new units.
The units I get, these will most likely be some variants of existing units which are hopfully more targeted at exceeding in special tasks, not in every situation. But aces and divisions sounds a bit abstract to me. What do they do? What is the advantage of having more than the 2 from the base game?
Last but not least, divisions seem to be a unit selection which you can buy during the match. But how many divisions are in the base game?

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