Saving game in Army General mode

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Saving game in Army General mode

Postby Dm1985 » Sat 22 Jun 2019 15:00

Why am I not able to save my game while either in the middle of a tactical battle or when a battle screen pops up from an AI initiated battle? Being able to save during either of these events is very important from just a gaming practicality standpoint. If someone doesn’t have time to play through a battle but doesn’t want to auto-resolve, they don’t have an option to save their progress unless they want to keep their computer running until the next time they’re able to play. Please fix this as it makes progressing through Army General at a casual pace very difficult.

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Re: Saving game in Army General mode

Postby Arctander2 » Sun 23 Jun 2019 00:29

Yup, can't save it after a battle, only after a full turn has completed it seems.

Put that as one of about 20 things so far about the "Army General" mode that make no sense or don't seem to work at all intuitively to me. Granted, I've only played every Eugen title and have been a gamer since the dark ages of line and square... but hey... they tested this for an extra couple months before releasing it... right?

After 2 hrs of mucking around with the Army General, and trying to interpret their woefully incompletely, poorly worded and confusing as all hell manual.

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Re: Saving game in Army General mode

Postby Zilo » Sun 23 Jun 2019 14:15

You can quicksave in tactical battle with F5

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Re: Saving game in Army General mode

Postby Patang01 » Sun 23 Jun 2019 20:58

That is the reason why I haven't made it past the first turn in several attempts. I can't have my computer with 3 screens running 24x7 because I can't save before or during a tactical battle. And recently I've had game crashes, I assume from having saved a game, and then the AI does the same tactical battle in a row, and in the third tactical battles there's a terminal bug that causes it to crash before loading into the deployment.

I've probably spent the last 3 days trying to play, wasting many hours. The silly part is that during Beta you could save mid skirmish matches, here you can't.

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